Devasya Healthcare Foundation By devasya

You can’t buy good health – but you can invest in it. Maximize the return on your investment by getting involved, as we work together to create a healthier community.

It is least known that who said the above words, but these inspiring words bestowed a sense of pride…The pride to introduce…an icon of super peciality integrated healthcare system in India. Introducing ‘Devasya’,the Almighty’s blessing, an abode where you come with all your worries,but leave with a smile and a bond that immortalizes the relationship.

Brainchild of Dr. Dinesh Patel, an eminent urologist, Devasya, is all set to carve out a niche in the area of Uro-Nephrological expertise. Located in the heart of the city, this state of art healthcare abode is equipped with world-class infrastructure. Though equipped to cater all kinds of health ailments Devasya is a world class centre for kidney care. Under the dynamic chairmanship of Dr. Dinesh Patel.

As a part of social responsibility Devasya Kidney Hospital runs a Healthcare foundation trust in part of which we are running Charitable OPD for needy patients.

Following are basic Information for the same:

OPD Timings :- Wednesday & Thursday 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM

  • New Case Reg Fee :-Rs 100/-
  • Old Case Reg Fee :- Rs 50/-
  • X-Ray Charge :-Rs 100/-
  • USG Chrarge :-Rs 150/- to Rs 200/-

Concession will be given on Pathology Report.This above benefit will be given to only family whose monthly income will be less than Rs 10000/-.

Rights reserved to Devasya Managerial team only.