Mediclaim and Corporate Tie-ups

Mediclaim Rules

In case of Reimbursement

  • Patient have to give intimation on his own and at the time of discharge have to submit the file in mediclaim Department (Room No 8) with following documents.
    • Current year policy Copy
    • Claim form
    • Photo ID Proof
    • All the paid bills of medicine ,hospital & reports
  • Patient will receive the file back in 4-5 working days.

In case of cashless

  • You have to submit 3 yrs. Policy copies with photo id (Licence, Pancard, Adhar card, Passport) within 2 hours of admission.
  • If require by insurance company need a bank details (Pass book copy / current account statement) & Receipt of last premium paid
  • It takes minimum 4 working hours after once you submit all the documents to Insurance Company to give approval. So kindly support us on the same.
  • At the time of discharge, we have to submit the final bill to insurance company so discharge will be given once approval has done.
  • For the pre & post expenses patient have to put up another file directly in mediclaim & payment will be done by insurance comp.
    • Here, at Devasya hospital we will prepare file for you & give it to you. Only you have to do Xerox of whole file & give original to your agent to put up
    • Kindly submit the pre-post file at the time of D J stent removal or once your treatment will be done.
  • In any case if cashless has been rejected then patient have to pay his total bill.

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