Phimosis means unable to retract the preputial skin over the glance penis. In children it’s a congenital disease while in Elder it’s a aquire disease mostly due to diabetes or skin disease like BXO (Balanitis Xerotica Obliterense).

In Muslims it’s a ritual procedure in which excess preputial skin is exiced.

In Hindu circumscision (Excision of prepucial skin) is done when there is a pt is having phimosis.

In adult when there is phimosis due to balanoposthitis Circumscion is done.

In adult sometimes with the phimosis patient is having meatal stenosis ( Blockage of urine passage-Narrow urethral opening).

In Meatal stenosis for which meatotomy (Opening is cut opened) with endoscopy(Cystourethroscopy) is done.