PU Valve Fulguration

In children mostly up to the age of 4-5 year PU Valve is common. PU Valve is a congenital problem means since birth. PU Valve means its developmental abnormality in which there is a valve like Fibrous band in the posterior urethra near Veru montenum. Because of PU Valve child is having difficulty in passing urine. Every time while passing urine child cries. Whenever child cries while passing urine Parent should take child to the nearest Kidney surgeon or Pediatrician.

Diagnosis of PU Valve is done with MCU (Micturating Cystourethrogram study). It’s a radiological study in which bladder is full with contrast dye and when child passes urine X-Ray is taken. In MCU study posterior urethra seems dilated and anterior urethra seems normal. After confirmation of PU Valve with MCU study parents were explain for the operation of PU Valve.

In operation PU Valve is fulgurated with Laser Technology or Endoscopy. (With Bugby wire).