Stress Incontinence

Stress incontinence means leakage of the urine during laughing, coughing and any other kind of stress which causes pressure in the abdomen. Ultimately this pressure causes pressure on the bladder which leads to leakage of urine. Laughing and coughing is a stress condition.

Stress incontinence is common in women. There are 4 grade of stress incontinence

  • Grade 1: loss of urine with sudden increases of abdominal pressure: e.g. coughing, sneezing or laughing.
  • Grade 2: loss of urine with lesser degrees of stress: e.g. walking or standing up.
  • Grade 3: loss of urine without any relation to physical activity or position, e.g. while lying in bed.

Stress incontinence puts patient in measurable condition. Particularly in working woman stress incontinence puts the woman in very embarrassing condition.

Most of women are very shy so they suffer the problem and never discuss with their husband or family members. And when stress incontinence becomes worsen then at last they share the problem. At this stage sometimes it becomes too late and patient may present with Grade IV Stress incontinence.


  • Grade I Stress Incontinence is treated with medical treatment.
  • Grade II & III is treated with surgical treatment .Johnson & Johnson
  • TVT & TOT procedure are the gold standard & results are excellent.
  • Grade IV