VVF Repair

VVF means Vesico Vaginal Fistula. Fistula means connection between two organs because of creation of hole in the organ. VVF occurs due to communication between bladder & vagina. A whole occurs in bladder as well as in vagina.

Cause of VVF is difficult hysterectomy done for uterine fibroid, Dysfunctional menstrual bleeding and other uterine condition because of improper exposure or severe bleeding trauma may occur to bladder wall. Due to trauma part of the bladder wall becomes a vascular and finally it creates fistula with Vagina.

In periphery at village hospitals VVF is common due to obstructured labour or forcep delivery.

In obstructed labour there is compression of triagonal area between pubic bone and fetus head which couses a vascular necrosis of trigonal which ultimately give rise to VVF.

Diagnosis & Investigation

Immediately after hysterectomy operation while patient is still in hospital and blood passes in the urine which is easily seen in catheter or urobag. After few days patient notices continuous urine Leakage from vagina. Patient develops incontinence of urine from the vagina. Most of VVF patient do not go to washroom because of hole in the bladder.

To diagnose VVF clinically patient is taken on the examination table vaginal examination is done with spectulum. A swab is put inside the vagina. Methyline blue is injected into the bladder through the urethra. If swab kept inside the vagina becomes blue it confirms the presence of VVF.

But definitve diagnosis of VVF is done by cystoscopy (Endoscopy)

Advantage of doing cystoscopy is not only to diagnose VVF but we can also locate the site and size of fistula (VVF). At the same time we can see active infection is present or not by doing cystoscopy we can plan out the type of operation for VVF.


Now a days most of VVF is treated by advanced laparoscopic surgery. In Devasya Kidney Hospital advanced Laparoscopic surgery for VVF is being done regularly.

Those patients who got surgery done for VVF outside and not got the result (Failed VVF Operation) treated at Devasya kidney hospital and got cured. We have treated complicated VVF in our institute.

In very few patients open surgery for VVF is required particularly in redo cases.

Devasya we are committed to give result for VVF. VVF patients required personal nursing care after operation to get best results.