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About Devasya Kidney Hospital

It is least known that who said the above words, but these inspiring words bestowed a sense of pride…The pride tointroduce…an icon of super speciality integrated healthcare system in India.Introducing 'Devasya', the Almighty's blessing, an abode where you come with all your worries, but leave with a smile and a bond that immortalizes the relationship. Brainchild of Dr. Dinesh Patel, an eminent urologist, Devasya, is all set to carve out a niche in the area of Uro-Nephrological expertise. Located in the heart of the city, this state of art healthcare abode is equipped with world-class infrastructure. Though equipped to cater all kinds of health ailments Devasya is a world class centre for kidney care. Under the dynamic chairmanship of Dr. Dinesh Patel.


Dr. Dinesh Patel did his super specialization (M.Ch.) in the field of Gentio-Urinary diseases.

Dr. Dinesh Patel M.B.B.S., M.S.
(General Surgery)
(Genito Urinary Surgery)
Dr. Dinesh Patel did his superspecialization (M.Ch.) in the field of Gentio-Urinary diseases.
Dr. Ashwin Kulkarni MS Mch Urology