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Thulium Laser technology for Prostate

Thulium laser technology is highly beneficial to cardiac patients. Those cardiac patients who are on ecosprin or aspirin need not to stop the anticoagulant after thulium Laser technology. At present in the market three laser technologies for enlarged prostate available in India. Initially Holmium laser technology for prostate came. Due to research Green Light Laser technology came after Holmium laser technology. With Green Light Laser technology tissue is evaporated and ablated but biopsy can not be taken so one can easily miss out malignancy. With further research Italy made Latest and best high power (120 W) thulium laser technology for enlarged prostate. Thulium Laser technology has dual advantages of both green light and holmium laser technology. With this technology size of the scope is minimum so there is quite safe for urethra. Cardiac patient has very minimum morbidity and mortality with thulium laser technology. Thulium laser technology is totally bloodless and prostatic tissue is resected and histopathological examination of prostate is possible so malignancy is not missed out. Patient is discharged next.

3 types of laser technologies available in market. Holmium Laser, Green Light Laser and Thulium Laser.

100 watt Holmium Laser 120 watt Green Light Laser 120 watt Thulium Laser
First Laser technology After Holmium Laser this Technology came Latest Laser technology
Prostate tissue removed & send for Histopathology examination (HPE) Tissue is vaporized so tissue not available for HPE so cancer is easily missed Tissue is removed and available for HPE
Laser fibre – Multiple use so treatment is cheaper Single use fibre so treatment is very costly Multiple use Laser fibre – so treatment is cheaper than other
Large scope is used so chances of stricture formation in urethra Thin scope is used so less chances of stricture urethra. Thin scope is used so less chances of stricture urethra.