PCNL (Per cutaneous Nephrolithotomy)

PCNL is a key whole surgery for removal of kidney stone. PCNL is done under general or spinal anesthesia while with the patient lying face down on their abdomen.A small skin incision on the back at the site of kidney is put. A treatment is made from skin to the kidney stone. Aplastic Amplatsz sheath is placed a nephroscope is passed to the sheath into the kidney upto the stone with laser, pneunometric and ultrasound devise stone is fragmented and fragments are taken out with the help of forcep. We are the pioneers in giving quality PCNL treatment in India since 1994. And we have over 10500 PCNL successful PCNL to our credit. Urologist from devasya have demonstrated different types of PCNL in national conferences of India. Till date we have given 95-100% success rate for treatment of kidney stone.


  • A day care Procedure
  • Very less complication
  • Minimal Pain
  • No whole or incision on body
  • No blood is require
  • 95-100% success rate than lithotripsy ( Litho has 75% success rate)

Technology for Kidney Stone

Mini Per Cutaneous Nephro Lithotomy (Mini PCNL) and Micro Per Cutaneous Nephro Lithotomy (Micro PCNL) is now available for kidney stone. In routine PCNL 26 F Nephroscope and 30 F or 32 F Amplatz sheath have been used. Due to this size of skin scar on back is about 1.5 cm and it is more invasive compare to mini PCNL and Micro PCNL. In Mini PCNL size of Nephroscope used is 12 F or 14 F while in Micro PCNL Nephroscope is like a needle and very small and narrow sheath is used so this is very less invasive procedure for kidney stone and it has more cosmetic value.